Mobile App Development Toronto

Our Mobile Application Development Services

Mobile app development services have become a central component within your customer — and, increasingly, your employee’s — experience. However, mobile application development can be a potentially expensive and agonizing component of your technical responsibilities if you don’t have the required, on-demand in-house expertise. We can extend your team with our mobile application development capabilities.

Our Android Application Development

The Android operating system is the predominant mobile operating system, but variations with devices and operating systems can create disruptions in your application, a time-consuming and expensive effort to resolve. We have developed an enviable pool of talented Android developers who understand the technology and nuances associated with different Android devices.
Our experience in Android applications includes:
  • Mobile access to personal medical records
  • Location tracking and information for race tracks
  • Promotional research and offers software
  • New customer community creation
  • Our iOS Application Development

    We apply our extensive user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design experience to leverage the richness of the iOS operating system. By combining Swift, Objective-C mobile programming languages, Agile Scrum methodology and a deep understanding of business objectives, we develop iPhone and iPad applications quickly and efficiently.
    Our experience in iOS applications include:
  • Mobile access to financial information
  • Tradeshow tracking
  • Food and recipe applications
  • Fantasy football gaming
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